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Blueberries By Redmart

Blueberries By Redmart

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Blueberries By Redmart.

Product Description

Description Of Blueberries

  • ☑ Plump, juicy, and sweet, with vibrant colours ranging from deep purple-blue to blue-black and highlighted by a silvery sheen called a bloom, blueberries are one of nature's great treasures. Blueberries have a sweet flavour that's delicious in cakes, muffins, tarts, salads, sauces and jams. Country of origin may vary depending on season between; Morocco, USA, Australia, Chile, Canada, Kenya, Spain, Mexico, Peru and Poland

Grapes Black Seedless (air Flown) By Redmart.

Product Description

Description Of Grapes Black Seedless (Air Flown)

  • ☑ Autumn Royal seedless grapes are round to slightly oval in shape, their skin is deep purple to near black in color with a waxy bloom. The skin is firm and does not slip from its flesh. The flesh is tender and overtly juicy in texture with a sweet, strong, muscat flavor. Although Black Seedless grapes are defined as seedless, occasionally they will contain one to two almost unrecognizable tiny, edible fleshy seeds.

Redmart Green Seedless Grapes By Redmart.

Product Description

Description Of RedMart Green Seedless Grapes

  • ☑ Green Grapes.

Mandarins By Redmart.

Product Description

Description Of Mandarins

  • ☑ These easy to peel Mandarins are a quick, natural snack rich in Vitamin C and perfect for any lunchbox.

Prime Asia Cavendish Snack Pack Banana By Redmart.

Product Description

Description Of Prime Asia Cavendish Snack Pack Banana

  • ☑ A good snack between meals.

Givvo Small Thai Watermelon By Redmart.

Product Description

Description Of GIVVO Small Thai Watermelon

  • ☑ The Thai Watermelon is usually smaller, more compact and generally sweeter than the traditional, larger Malaysia Watermelons. The large round fruit has a hard green rind, a watery red pulp and small brown seeds. This smaller, more convenient variety does contain seeds and typically weighs from 2 to 2.5kg.

Thygrace Crunchy Honey Su Pears By Redmart.

Product Description

Description Of ThyGrace Crunchy Honey Su Pears

  • ☑ The Honey pears have crunchy texture and are extremely juicy with a sweet aroma. The Honey pears are unlike regular pears, they are grown in highland location and no pollution environment. The Honey pears are also grown using mineral rich underground water which makes them extremely nutritious juicy and tasty.

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